Beth Cann Wins Employee of the Month for February 2020!

Congratulations Beth Cann, Finance Assistant, who has won Employee of the Month for February 2020!

Beth has won the award several times now, the first time in June 2017 and the second time in 2018 when she won SG World Apprentice of the Year. It’s therefore clear to see just what an impact Beth’s work has on her department and the company as a whole.

Beth Caan Employee of the month | SG World

Beth won her previous awards due to her friendly, helpful and positive nature as well as completing some demanding and complex tasks when she was at such an early stage of her career. She also completed various qualifications and was even hand-picked for a case study with her apprenticeship training provider Total People.

This time round Beth has won for a number of reasons. Firstly, she helped to push our first Patent Tax claim through to HMRC resulting in a tax refund. She also conducted market research and prepared a business case to review our Irish Auditors and, as if that wasn't enough, she has been working very closely with the team on the Business Central project, helping by proposing a new accounts structure for our Belgium office.

Whilst being so busy, Beth has of course kept smiling and been as helpful as ever, something which her colleagues and friends here would only ever expect of her. However, that’s not all; she has also been in training to cover maternity leave and passed her first CIMA exam last Friday. Phew!

Beth, your friends and colleagues here at SG World couldn’t be prouder of you. You really deserve it!

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