Bev Ashcroft & Andrew Quate Win Employee of the Month for August 2019!

Congratulations Bev Ashcroft (Credit Controller) and Andrew Quate (Infrastructure Engineer), our latest winners of Employee of the Month for August 2019!

SG World have had two winners in the same month before, usually because they have the same job or worked on the same project. However, Bev and Andrew are the first people to have entirely different jobs yet still win in the same month due to the number of votes being tied!

Andrew Quate (left), Bev Ashcroft (right) | SG World Crewe | Visitor Management | Health & Safety

Bev has only been with SG World for a short time, however she’s already made a big impact in her team and the wider company. Bev recently designed a new automated system of collecting monies resulting in less administration and saved time. This was all her own idea, meaning Bev wrote a business case and process then implementing it to ensure it was successful. She has also developed excellent relationships with her customers since joining the team, showing that length of service is no barrier when it comes to stepping forward and making a positive change.

Andrew has also stepped up this month but not for the first time. Andrew has won Employee of the Month before and even won Employee of the Year back in 2017! This month, he was nominated after a particularly eventful day, which he dealt with amazingly well. He helped when an external auditor came in to carry out a companywide ISMS audit, ensuring everything was ready and prepared so that the IT elements ran smoothly. Andrew’s contribution meant that we achieved zero ‘non-conformances’ and received great praise from the auditor – an amazing achievement. On the same day, Andrew stayed behind to ensure that a virus on one of SG World’s websites was removed. Even though this wasn’t Andrew’s responsibility, he took ownership of the situation and ensured a successful outcome.

Both Bev and Andrew are shining examples of the difference that one person can make to SG World. Congratulations to you both – you really deserve it!

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