Brexit or Remain - We Helped Make Your Vote Count

It's all change, this time last week nearly half of the UK population were unhappy with our position in the EU. Whereas this week nearly half of the UK population are unhappy with our position in the EU. 

Love it or hate it the democratic process was upheld and SG World had its part to play with ElectIT - a software based solution designed to help councils easily manage and identify attendees for the post-election vote count. ElectIT was in play in town halls and sports halls across the UK, helping councils maintain the integrity of the vote count. With the final vote being so close and the intense media spotlight, no one wanted to find themselves in the invidious position of having a vote count called into question due to attendee irregularities.

5D Elect It Voter Registration - SG World

Welcome to Manchester Sign - SG World

The supporting snaps are from the Manchester referendum vote count showing Andy Burnham, Shadow Home Secretary being swiped in using an SG World barcode scanner.

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