Dot Munro and Gill Meadows Win Employee of the Year 2019!

Congratulations Dot Munro and Gill Meadows, Head Office Receptionists, our winners of Employee of the Year 2019!

Dot and Gill initially won Employee of the Month back in December 2018 and, along with the other Employee of the Month winners, were shortlisted for Employee of the Year 2019 – SG World’s top employee recognition award.

Gill Meadows (left) & Dot Munro (right) - SG World

A first impression of a business is crucial and this short but important first encounter can have a big impact on how you feel about the whole of a business, so it’s crucial to get it right.

What makes Dot and Gill so special is that it doesn’t matter what kind of day they’ve had – they never fail at giving a warm, helpful and professional first welcome to all visitors and callers into the organisation. Despite what may be going on behind the scenes, our lovely receptionists greet everyone who calls or walks through our doors with the brightest smiles and warmest of welcomes. And it’s not because they have to, it’s because they want to.

Not only that, but many staff will agree that they’re not only Receptionists, but agony aunts, confidantes and friends to those who work here. They are appreciated not just as colleagues but like family members to many of the SG World team.

Dot is well known by her friends here for her love of a cheeky beverage at the weekend and we wouldn’t have her any other way! Gill is admired for stunningly decorating the reception area during seasonal periods, such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

Receotion decorated for Easter - SG World Crewe Office

SG World Reception decorated for Halloween - SG World Crewe Office

Congratulations Dot and Gill – you really deserve it!

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