French Exchange Corner - Visitor Management

Visitors injured in your factory? Intruders on your premises? Frequent events which could easily be avoided.

By Chaima Hossenally - French Exchange Student


Welcome to week three of French Exchange Corner, with SG World's Exchange Student Chaima Hossenally. This week, Chaima gives us her thoughts on the importance of visitor management for all organisations and businesses and how SG World's visitor management solutions can help.

How can you avoid these kinds of accidents and secure your premises?

There is no legislation, but the HSE has implemented some recommendations. More specifically, the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 helps companies to protect employees and visitors by giving advice such as directional routes for the movement of large items (such as timber), diversions and weight restrictions.

That is why SG World has designed a product which enables companies to be compliant with HSE guidelines. Simple and easy to use, the Visitor Pass System is a paper-based solution that successfully accounts for and monitors all visitors on your premises.

How does it work?

When a visitor comes to your premises you need to identify them. With our system, visitors fulfil some details about their name, the reason for their visit, etc. The visitor reads the emergency procedures and safety rules and signs the document in order to show that they agree to follow them. In the case of an accident in your company and a visitor is injured, you are able to prove that your company's health and safety procedures were explained, thanks to this signature.

Visitor Management Book - SG World Crewe

Once the sheet is complete, a badge is given to the visitor. Now each employee in the firm can identify him as a visitor and not as an intruder, and you can recognize the place where he is authorized to be or not to be.

In the case of an emergency, the company maintains an emergency evacuation register which allows you to know who is still inside the premises.

The Visitor Pass System is a product that every company needs inside their premises. It can be fully personalised with your own logo, colours, health and safety rules and more.

Our products reflect the professionalism of your organisation - for more information, visit the Visitor Management Systems area of our website, give us a call or order a brochure.

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