Getting the Most Out of a Tight School Budget

Cost-SavingsSchools across the country are struggling. Budgets are reducing in real terms yet schools need to cover the wage bill, keep the lights on and maintain buildings. So how do you continue to invest in important curricular resources under these pressures? Often to balance the books, schools might cut back investment in new equipment but in the long term this impacts a school's ability to deliver the best teaching program.

Effective asset management is a way of making the most of the resources you've already got to free up money to invest elsewhere. This might mean identifying spare equipment, avoiding duplicate spend, deterring IT theft or simply having the data on hand to negotiate better purchasing contracts and effectively plan for new investment. A robust asset management system can also free up precious man hours in keeping on top of the asset inventory. These days when schools need to make every penny count, asset management could hold the key.

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