Good Estate Management for Schools

The DfE has launched a new toolkit to help schools have 'the right skills, processes and policies in place' when it comes to estate management. The toolkit includes an organisational self-assessment, Top 10 estate checklist, process map, water and energy saving tips.


The guidance covers ten key areas of effective facilities management:

1. Are we managing the estate effectively?

2. Who is responsible for the estate?

3. Do we have the necessary skills, knowledge and capacity to manage the estate?

4. How do we manage the estate?

5. What is the condition of the buildings?

6. Are we complying with our legal responsibilities?

7. What do we do in emergencies?

8. What funding is available for investment in the estate?

9. Are we spending wisely on the estate?

10. Can we become more efficient with our expenditure?

SG World's asset management software and services can help schools with some important aspects of estate management. As well as managing your building's assets, our asset management software is perfect for tracking and scheduling planned maintenance, service contracts and inspections. The scheduling function means you'll never be on the back foot reviewing service contracts and will have all the information at hand to negotiate the best deal for your school.

The guidance also requires estate managers to have emergency plans in place. Our asset management software gives you a detailed, up-to-date asset inventory which helps schools secure the correct insurance cover and expedite any claims in the event of an emergency, whilst all data is securely hosted off site. Whether you want to see the 'big picture' or the supporting detail, our asset management software has been designed to be very intuitive and easy to use, plus we offer a full installation and training service. We can even come in and do the asset inventory for you.

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