How do induction safety videos help visiting contractors?

bigstock-Focused-Engineer-Man-Watching--471692767Induction safety videos are an important tool for welcoming visiting contractors to a site and educating them on the safety protocols and procedures that they need to follow while working on the site. SG World's 5D Contractor Management software has a number of mechanisms to help share video as part of the pre-qualification and booking in process. Here are some ways in which induction safety videos can help visiting contractors:

  1. Introduce them to the site: Induction safety videos can provide an overview of the site layout and help visiting contractors understand where they will be working, what equipment they will be using, and what hazards they may encounter.

  2. Educate them on safety protocols: Induction safety videos can educate visiting contractors on the safety protocols and procedures that they need to follow while working on the site. This can include information on personal protective equipment (PPE), safe work practices, emergency procedures, and more.

  3. Standardise training: Induction safety videos can help to standardize training for all visiting contractors. This ensures that all contractors receive the same information and training, regardless of when they start working on the site.

  4. Save time and resources: Induction safety videos can save time and resources by allowing contractors to complete their training at their own pace and on their own schedule, without requiring additional on-site training.

For a safety induction video to work well, it must include engaging content, maybe including an interactive element by using quizzes, scenarios or case studies to help the viewer understand the key safety messages. 5D Contractor can incorporate a questionnaire follow up as part of the booking in process. The video should also be tailored to the specific needs and language of the audience, with 5D you can set up workflows which share specific material for specific contractors and jobs.

Overall, induction safety videos do help to ensure that visiting contractors are aware of the safety protocols that they need to follow while working on the site, and can help to reduce accidents and injuries. However, they should not be used as a replacement for on-site training and personal interaction, elements which can be also be documented and checked within the 5D Contractor software.

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