How to Design A Good Visitor Pass

How to Design Your Visitor Pass

Visitor management software will let you design your own visitor badge, this is a very easy process with a few simple rules to get the best out of your badge, whether it’s keeping your premises safer or reflecting a professional image. So what standard fields should you include on your badge?:

Visitor Name

This is the obvious one but remember to leave enough space for long names in case they overrun or truncate.

Visitor Photo

Including a visitor photo is a great way of ensuring the ID badge is authorised for a specific visitor. However, the photo should be clear and provision made for re-take to make sure you get a good, well positioned shot.

Date and Time of Check-in & Expiry Date

Including a date field means the pass is tied to a specific time making it harder for it to be used inappropriately. Ideally your software should automatically print the check-in time and expiry date

Visitor Type

Different visitor types may be given access to different building locations and shared information. A visitor pass can include visitor type in its design or even use colour coding for quick recognition.

Other Details

There are a few additional fields you may want to include about a visitor e.g. their company name, job title, host or the specific event they are attending.

Your Logo or Badge

Including your company logo or school badge in the design is a nice way to tie in with your image, you could also potentially use colours which reflect your organisation brand. A logo also makes your pass more formal and harder to replicate.

Arranging your Layout

Once you’ve decided on what information to include on your visitor pass you just need to organise it. Decide where your focal point will be i.e. the content that you want to give the most attention. If your priority is security, you will highlight the photo and dates, however, if you want to control area access you focus on visitor type. If you are running a networking type event, the visitor’s name, position and company are probably more important.

Remember you only have so much room on your pass so some focus will be necessary. Use fonts to indicate the hierarchy of the information. Don’t use too many, 2 or 3 max should suffice to accommodate a header, subheader, and body text style. Finally, we’re not all designers so visitor management software with a drag and drop user interface makes it easy to re-size, position and place images and text.

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