Hungerford Primary School have Opportunity Day with SG World

SG World recently had a very special visit from year 6 pupils at Hungerford Primary School in Crewe. The children took a field trip of the SG World head office and factory to learn about careers and businesses, as part of their Opportunities Days and enterprise projects.

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The 11-12 year olds enjoyed a jam-packed morning, which began with a welcoming introduction from Chief Executive Mark Haase. Mark, keen on inspiring today’s children about their future careers, gave the pupils the history of SG World and told them all about the purpose of the SG World business. He talked to the children about their career dreams, which included palaeontologist, footballer and dancer.

Then came the exciting tour of the factory and offices. There was plenty to be seen that the excellently-behaved pupils hadn’t experienced before, with demonstrations from various departments and jaws dropped as the children took in the sights and sounds of the busy factory and staff hard at work. Pupils developed a useful understanding of how SG World and many businesses operate, thanks to visits to Customer Service, the Contact Center, Payroll and Marketing and Communications.

The business-savvy pupils asked Mark some brilliant business-related questions during the questions and answers session - here’s what they wanted to know…

How long does it take to set up a business like this in a different country?

M: “Well, this depends on a few things – how many people you need to employ, what the tax rules of that country are, any meetings that you need to have with their government and many other things… It took us 5 months of working in the USA, over a few years, to fully set up our business there.”

What’s your favourite SG World product?

M: “This may sound strange and it’s not exactly a product, but my favourite part of SG World is making people really happy. We go the extra mile to bring a smile to our customer’s and the community’s faces through excellent customer service and the community work that we do, such as your visit with us today. Making people happy is definitely my favourite.”

What does your job as CEO involve?

M: “It’s my job to be the face of the company. I engage with all different kinds of people, such as the government at the House of Commons, customers and the people who work here. I make sure that everyone who comes into contact with us fully understands what we do as a company – including new recruits.

“I help to recruit everyone who comes to work here, so that I can ensure that they thoroughly understand what we do. I also make sure that our staff are all great people, that they have the tools they need to do their jobs and then I trust them to do their jobs fantastically well.”

For more information on SG World or any of our products, simply give our friendly team a call on 01270 588211.

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