Is Visitor Management Software just a glorified sign-in sheet?


Well I guess the short answer is "no". We're not disrespecting the traditional sign-in sheet, after all SG World offer paper and software based visitor management solutions, so our customers can pick the option which suits them and their needs. 

However, there is a difference and we'll give you a few examples of what's possible if you move to a digital based visitor management system. 

A Great First Impression

A visitor management system shows visitors that you care about their experience and site access. It can communicate with your visitor, give them clear instructions and also position your business as modern and visitor-focused.

Improves Security

With visitor management software you have the option of creating photo badges for your visitors and contractors, making it easier to recognise authorised visitors on site... and spot unauthorised personnel. 


In addition to the basic check in screens, visitor management software can display all sorts of useful information about your organisation. This can even be an interactive experience if you set up a survey or questionnaire, potential applications include Health and Safety or Non-Disclosure statements. On a lighter note, you might want to wish your visitors Happy Christmas. 

Works for Staff too

You can also use your visitor check in system to track staff entering and exiting the building, as it's fully compatible with staff ID cards.

Don't Forget the Apps

If your visitor management software is cloud-based, you will be able to access it on any web browser. What's more - the option of a supporting mobile app makes it easy to access things like an emergency roll call when you're off site. 

Team it up with Email

By integrating with email your visitor management software can pre-register your visitor for a fast, smooth check-in. You can even set up the check-in as a contactless process using the visitor's mobile phone, a real boon for a COVID-aware workplace. It can also notify staff when their visitor has arrived. 


There's lots of reasons why you might need to refer back to your visitor record to confirm who was on site on a certain date or even time. If you're looking through paper records this could be a time-consuming process and relies on a secure, disciplined filing system for years worth of visitor documentation. The database component of visitor management software means the information you're looking for is only a couple of clicks away. 

So there's plenty of features that an organisation can take advantage of by installing visitor management software, check out our website for more information or book your free demo.


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