Managing Visitors in a Food Production/Processing Environment

Food Screens

Food handling is one of the most heavily regulated manufacturing sectors. In addition to the umbrella Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974 (HSWA) legislation, the food production supply chain is guided by the best practice advice in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Under Section 4: Site Standards, Security, the standard requires that a visitor reporting system should be in place. Furthermore, contractors and visitors including drivers, shall be made aware of all procedures for access to premises and the requirements of the area they are visiting, with special reference to hazards and potential product contamination. Under Section 7, visitors and contractors should also be made aware of the types of symptoms, infection, disease or condition which would prevent a person visiting areas with open food. Where permitted by law Visitors should be required to complete a health questionnaire or otherwise confirm that they are not suffering from any symptoms which may put product safety at risk.

Food Screen Med Questions

It's very clear that from the moment a visitor enters the premises, a food producer has a substantial duty of care in communicating key safety and medical screening information. A visitor touchscreen is the perfect way to exchange this information using interactive content such as video and questionnaires to ensure the visitor understands and also agrees to site protocols. Reporting facilities in the software also create an auditable visitor record for any future investigations.


5D Visitor can also include multi-choice questionnaires and tailored check-in screens for visitors and contractors. 

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