Marc Shepherd Wins Employee of the Month for February 2018!

Congratulations to Marc Shepherd, who has won the February award for Employee of the Month!

Marc has been a member of the SG World team for over 20 years, beginning his journey with us as a Finishing Operative. Over time, Marc has demonstrated his commitment to the company and developed a strong skill set, delivering some fantastic projects and outcomes for colleagues and customers alike. However while his dedication and talent over the years cannot be doubted, Marc has won this award for particular achievements that he has made this month.

These days Marc's day-to-day role is Composition Operative, which means that he designs bespoke customer products ready for production, such as Visitor Pass and Contractor Authorisation to Work Systems, Pupil Wellbeing Systems and much more. Marc's work is completed on an Apple Mac using various software packages, so as you can imagine he is pretty handy with computers.

However, learning brand new design software overnight is no picnic for anyone, even for the most Mac literate designer. This though is exactly what Marc achieved recently, in order to complete some urgent work for a customer of SG World's recent acquisition, The Printing House.

Marc Shepherd | SG World

With no hesitation Marc took charge of the project, taught himself the new software in his own time and produced the work to an extremely high and exacting standard. As a result, The Printing House's customer was extremely happy, an achievement made outside of Marc's usual responsibilities and day-to-day role.

Marc's accomplishments are a true reflection of what living by SG World's values looks like - Do The Right Thing, Do It The Right Way, Be The Best You Can Be and Be Fresh. Marc took on board additional responsibilities and learning without question or hesitation, which is exactly what our values are all about.

As well as his strong work ethic and skills, Marc is well known by his colleagues and friends as being a big foodie. He'll happily be very adventurous with his dining choices - one of the most memorable being trying raw mince on a holiday to France! Marc is also a big Arsenal fan, which means that, he isn't so perfect after all!

Congratulations again Marc - you deserve it (despite your questionable food and football team choices!).

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