National Apprenticeship Week: Beth Cann

How it started Vs. How it's going!

As #NAW2024 is nearly over for another year, we decided to talk to some of our former apprentices to ask them for their success stories.  

This final account of the week comes from Beth; someone who combines a can-do attitude with an uncanny knack for numbers.

👇Here's what she has to say...👇

I'm Beth and I'm the Financial Controller at SG world.

I truly believe that the apprenticeship route into the working world is far greater than the traditional go-to-university-followed-by-work route.

Coming from a background where most of my household started their careers as apprentices, I saw the benefits of going straight into work. I did have the choice to go to university, however getting paid to learn through an apprenticeship was certainly the right choice for me. Having started as an apprentice at SG World 9 years ago, it has catapulted my career much quicker than where I would have been had I gone to university first!

The on-the-job training and the ability to apply the theory of the course you're on allows you to get a true understanding of what you are learning and apply the knowledge correctly. 

In addition, having the right environment where you can make mistakes and learn from them is one of the keys to success. Having completed the apprenticeship at SG World, I have progressed through the ranks to the position I am in now, even winning Apprentice of the Year during my time as an apprentice!

I couldn't have done any of this without the support of the company but in particular the Finance team and management around me. I now aim to give that same level of mentorship and support to new apprentices, like Leilani, who has grown to become a very valuable member of my team. She is learning the most up-to-date rules and practices surrounding the finance profession and bringing this knowledge into the department, which aids in everyone's continuous development.

Having been in her position, I have a greater understanding of some other the challenges she faces and it makes it easier to support her in the right way so she gets the right exposure without piling on too much pressure.

I am very passionate about apprenticeships as I have experienced what they can do for your career first hand, not only through practical experience but also with the way it has moulded me as a person and increased my confidence hugely.

I am excited to be in a position where I can pass on my knowledge and experience onto others who are following the same path. Without the support of a business that believes in apprentices, like SG World, I would not be in the position I am in today.

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How Beth Started
How Beth's Going
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