Safetember Forklift Safety - get them home safely

Safetember is the FLTA's annual month-long fork lift truck safety campaign that runs throughout September, starting on 1st and ending on the 30th. Every year it invites companies using forklift trucks to step back, assess their forklift safety and ask whether they are doing all the right things to make sure their employees get home safely. Forklifts and other MHE is a familiar part of any logistics operation and it's easy to forget the power and potential destructive capacity these 5 tonne machines can have. Safetember is a time for remembering and respecting that danger because statistically 5 people are going to be seriously injured by a forklift today, tomorrow and the day after that.

The FLTA have lots of great resources for companies looking to improve their safety - one area being the Essential Pre-Shift Checks, this video is an excellent demonstration of how to perform a pre-use check. SG World have taken all the principles of a dedicated forklift safety checklist and developed a pre-use inspection solution which gives operators a standard way of working through the checks, documenting the inspection and providing a highly visual PASS or FAIL status. Quick and easy to use - there's no excuse not to.

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