SG World Celebrates National Customer Service Week

We've all been on the wrong end of poor customer service, interminable phone calls where you're passed from pillar to post, slowly losing the will to live whilst the pre-recorded hold message assures you that your call is very important. When you work in an organisation which prides itself on excellent customer service, such a cavalier approach to a customer reaching out defies belief.

CS Group in Reception | SG World

Today is the final day of National Customer Service Week, a week-long opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the UK economy. Good Customer Service is central to the way SG World do business. We have a strong office and field based customer service team, supporting a wide spectrum of customers from many different professions and industries, so it's important we understand the individual voice of the customer. As a company, SG World has a reputation for employee long service and this is very evident in the Customer Service Division where we've invested in years of experience and an extensive knowledge base. In addition to a wide product base, SG World also offers many customisation services meaning the team needs an in-depth understanding of products that are often unique to the customer and their specific requirements.

"Anyone can do a good job when things are all going well, that's a given" said Richard Nichols, Sales and Marketing Director. "The real test for Customer Service is turning a negative into a positive and leaving a customer feeling valued and supported. That's where the SG World team really rise to the challenge."

So if you're a font of all knowledge, a problem solver, a happy helper and an unsung hero, you probably work in Customer Service - Happy National Customer Service Week!

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