SG World Embrace Fears in Height Challenge!

On Wednesday 25th July, members of the SG World and The Printing House leadership team embraced their fears during a Technical Day with SpanSet - the height safety experts!

SpanSet are market leaders in height safety, lifting and load control products, and they also provide safety training. Their product range includes rescue tools such as harnesses and evacuation equipment, lifting equipment including roundslings and protective sleeving, and load control solutions such as ratchet lashing straps.

They invited safety professionals from across the UK to attend their Technical Day and experience height safety first hand. From a dizzying 115 feet, Mark Haase, Doug Kinsman and Pete Harrison had a hands-on lesson in crane height safety.

Mark Haase revealed: "there's nothing quite like actually being up at these sorts of heights to make you appreciate the importance of height safety and what it's like for people who work in these conditions every day. None of us are ashamed to admit that the heights were very intimating! It was a great experience, but a relief to be back on solid ground by the end of the challenge. SpanSet were very professional and we knew we were in very safe hands."

Mark Haase Thumbs Up

SG World Group at SpanSet

Doug Kinsman Thumbs Up

SpanSet Crane

SpanSet crane birds eye view

Doug Kinsman SpanSet 2

SpanSet Crane Fully extended

Well done team and thank you SpanSetLtd for having us!

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