SG World Receives Invitation to the Wales Special Schools Conference

St. Christopher’s is an award-winning, purpose-built day school for pupils with special educational needs across Wales, Cheshire and Denbighshire. Maxine Pittaway MBE is Head Teacher and the school has an ‘excellent’ Estyn inspection rating.

The school is highly regarded by the Welsh Assembly, Local Education Authority and the local community for their good practice, initiatives and the various projects they have developed to support their pupils.

St Christophers School | SG World | Visitor Management Software

They invited SG World to the Head Teachers Conference after being very impressed with their visitor management solutions, knowing that other special schools would also benefit from them.

St Christopher’s cater for a wide range of special educational needs, ranging from moderate to severe, via five departments which include junior, middle, senior, behaviour support and the autistic department. Pupils follow an inclusive programme which caters for their individual needs whilst preparing them for a meaningful place in society.

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After using SG World’s bespoke paper-based signing-in system to monitor visitors, St. Christopher’s saw the benefits of using VisIT ED as a technical solution to further monitor and welcome their visitors. VisIT ED is a visitor and staff touchscreen check-in system designed specifically for schools. It allows visitors to check in, producing a personalised ID badge which can be scanned on entrance and exit. The system provides a ‘one click’ report of people on site in the case of an emergency and a comprehensive reporting function to help schools track visitors. VisIT ED can also track staff and regular visitors can be pre-booked to minimise bottlenecks at reception. The touchscreen fulfils an important role in safeguarding, site health and safety and has the flexibility to display school information on screen using school colours and badges.

Paper Visitor Management Pass | SG World

St. Christopher’s were very impressed with their VisIT ED demonstration and wanted other special schools to take a look for themselves. They invited SG World to the Head Teachers Conference, where suppliers of innovative and interesting asset management and safeguarding solutions demonstrated how their systems meet the specific and individual needs of special schools.

The NAHT Conference adds to SG World’s long list of school conference invitations thanks to their strong peer group recommendations. Sales Executive Patrick Ashe explains: “I was only too happy to support the schools on the day in protecting their property and pupils by helping them develop the best visitor and asset management systems.

“St. Christopher’s currently use our bespoke paper-based signing in system and were shown VisIT ED – something that they are very interested in implementing. They invited us to the conference because they like all our products and thought it would be a great idea to demonstrate them to the 30 other Head Teachers there on the day.”

SG World are looking forward to making a positive difference to all the special schools that they met during the Head Teachers Conference. For more information on any of our products, book a consultation, request a brochure or call 01279 500921.

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