SG World Sponsors Under-13s Youth Football in Crewe

SG World is the proud sponsor of the AFC Crewe Town Rangers, a newly formed team in the South Cheshire Under-13s League. The Rangers are an 11-a-side team with their home pitch at Ruskin Sports College, Crewe.

The under-12s are managed by Steve Challinos and Nancy Bennett, two dedicated people who have combined their passions for football and youth engagement to form a formidable team supporting youth football in Cheshire. In addition to the Rangers, they also manage a second team in the Cheshire Under-13s League.

SG World is closely tied to the Crewe area and works wherever possible to support the community. In the spirit of the 2012 London Games, SG World wanted to contribute to youth sport in order to help contribute in a small way to the health and wellbeing of local young people.

With a good start to the season, the Rangers and their families are hoping to make and build on success – and SG World will be cheering them on.

AFC Crewe Town Rangers 2012 | SG World

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