SG World Supports Metropolitan Police Services' Project Genesius

SG World is proud to join the campaign to prevent the use of printing equipment for illegal purposes by signing onto the Metropolitan Police Service’s Project Genesius.

Project Genesius is a partnership between the Metropolitan Police Service and members of the printing industry which is designed to reduce criminals’ access to the equipment and supplies required to produce false identity documents like ID card printers or ID card consumables. By joining the initiative, SG World has made a commitment not to supply equipment if the company believes it will be used illegitimately.

SG World also agrees as part of the project to share relevant information with the Metropolitan Police Service.

Russell Barnard, Product Manager for SG World, said: “This is yet another example of how SG World continues to implement best practices in the business. By joining Project Genesius, our customers can be assured that SG World is committed to supplying only legitimate business interests.”
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