SGW 5D UPDATES: January 2024



We are excited to announce a series of updates to SGW 5D that are designed to enhance your experience and provide more flexibility and control. These updates span across multiple modules including the Visitor, Contractor, Accident & Incident, Safety Reporting Module, and also general features.

In the Visitor Module, we have made non-mandatory fields on the touchscreen optional and configurable. We’ve also added filters to the visitor list and resolved several bugs to improve your experience.

The Contractor Module now supports bulk upload for contractors and companies. We’ve added new features to improve the management of contractors and resolved some issues to make the module more user-friendly.

We’ve also made improvements to the Accident & Incident and Safety Reporting modules, including the addition of follow-up actions to incidents and renaming ‘Near miss’ to ‘Safety Reporting’.

In our General updates, we’ve resolved an issue with content boxes overflowing on screens with high-DPI and scaling, introduced V2 notifications, and fixed a crash that can occur when using a visitor contractor in the contract section.

We appreciate your feedback as we continue to work on providing you with a better user experience. Your insights are always welcome as we strive to make our platform better and more user-friendly for everyone.


Thank you for your continued support


The SGW 5D Development Team




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