Shaun Stamper & Jatinder Sangha - Employee of the Month September 2017

Congratulations Shaun Stamper and Jatinder Sangha, our first joint winners of Employee of the Month, for September 2017!

Shaun and Jatinder have been members of the SG World family for a couple of years, having started their journeys as Auditors for our popular asset management solution AudIT. In time, both chaps have built up their skills and trained to become Service Technicians, travelling across the country assisting our customers with engineering support for SG World's technical products.

Recently, Shaun and Jatinder visited a customer on a Friday, who needed support with their hardware. The equipment needed to be fully operational by the following Monday, however the chances of this happening were slim - unless Shaun and Jatinder sacrificed their plans and worked over the weekend. In typical Shaun and Jatinder style, both gents cancelled their weekends without a single complaint and the customer had their hardware operational by 6am the following Monday as needed. Hurrah!

Shaun and Jatinder

This is just a typical example of how Shaun and Jatinder work by SG World's values of Do the right thing, Do it the right way, Be the best you can be and Be fresh every day. Their manager, Adam Casey, said: "Shaun and Jatinder are extremely dedicated and never complain, no matter what is thrown at them. They happily assist our customers at the drop of a hat and do so with good grace and a willingness to help. They couldn't be more accommodating and they're a huge asset to our organisation."

Shaun and Jatinder were friends before joining SG World and their bromance has only gone from strength to strength since working together! They are known for their love of listening to Harry Potter audio books while on the road (we approve of their taste) but we've also been told that Jatinder does most of the driving because Shaun 'cannot be trusted behind the wheel'. We're not quite sure what this means but it sounds like they've got a pretty good arrangement to us!

When the guys aren't being amazing Service Technicians, avoiding Shaun getting behind the wheel and listening to audio books, they love gaming - something tells us that if they're as good at gaming as they are at work, then they probably nail it! We wonder how well they did on SG World's recent 'Take Flight' game - now where's the leader board?

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