Stan Dimitrov & Ryan Mellor win Employee of the Month for April 2018!

Congratulations Stan Dimitrov and Ryan Mellor, our joint winners of Employee of the Month for April 2018!

Stan (Asset Engineer) and Ryan (Service Technician) are members of the Support and Services team. Their roles see them travel to our customers to support them with SG World's software products. This can include anything from installing a VisIT 2 visitor management system for a business, to setting up AudIT inventory management asset-tagging for a school or academy. As with all our Employee of the Month winners, Ryan and Stan regularly go way beyond the call of duty and this month was no exception.

Stan and Ryan - SG World

So many of Ryan and Stan's colleagues have stories about how much value they add to each and every task they perform. They won Employee of the Month because they have continued to excel in their jobs, helping their colleagues and customers to make a difference that goes far beyond any expectations of them. As well as their day-to-day roles of supporting SG World's software customers - which they do extremely well - they have also been couriers, printers and post room operatives, always on the front foot and asking if there is any more that they can do to help.

Ryan and Stan began their SG World journeys from very different places and they are now almost as one, their Zen-like ability to work together being a sight to behold! Stan came all the way from Bulgaria, starting as a member of the Domestic team with limited English, a great work ethic and a can-do will-do attitude that is an inspiration to everyone who meets him. Since then, he has become a highly skilled and well regarded professional within the Support and Services team, assisting his customers with an unrivalled level of talent, friendliness and care.

Ryan started his journey as an Outbound Sales Executive with a built-in desire to do the right thing, get under the skin of his customers' needs and really understand how to help them. It was this set of qualities that stood out to the Support and Services team and saw him successfully transition to a very different role where he naturally shone. Since then his reputation as a Service Technician has skyrocketed thanks to the level of skill, professionalism and patience that he provides to each and every one of his customers - whether internal or external.

Congratulations again Stan and Ryan - you really deserve it!

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