Stop. Make a Change . . . a Change in Pre-Use Safety Inspections?

Getting involved in the Stop Make a Change Construction Safety campaign? We can help make the operation of moving vehicles safer.

On 18 April 2017, organisations from across the UK infrastructure sector took part in Stop. Make a Change. Sites, offices and production facilities downed tools to focus on working together to build a healthier, safer industry. In 2018 Stop. Make a Change expands to cover the whole of the UK construction industry.

StopSamplePadIf one of things you are looking at improving is the safety of potentially hazardous plant equipment such as bulldozers, diggers and loaders, this is an area where we can help. SG World designs pre-use inspection solutions for the construction industry which make the safest way of working the easiest way. Get in touch for a free sample pack and further information.

The campaign will run for two weeks, from 16 to 27 April 2018 and will focus on two key priorities: Mental Health and Plant Safety. Construction relies heavily on the use of mobile plant to support delivery on site. When used well, by trained and experienced operators, such plant is safe. However the industry still experiences too many occasions when uncontrolled movements of plant lead to tragic consequences on site. Of the 217 people killed in our industry over the last five years around 10 per cent were hit by moving vehicles. Each organisation involved in Stop. Make a Change. will be asked to show their commitment to reducing the number of plant-related incidents on site.

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