The Role of Visitor ID in School Security

As an active member of the education community, SG World regularly supports local bursar group conferences. We recently exhibited at a one day seminar for Lewisham schools focusing on 'Keeping Your School Safe - Putting Policies into Practice'.

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The programme included a very insightful session with Charlie Swanson, principal trainer at Perpetuity Training, an organisation specialising in security and risk management. Charlie introduced the concept of layered security in a school environment ie: implementing a whole series of measures a school can take from the school gates to the IT network which incrementally improve school defences against unwelcome intruders.

One element discussed was the importance of staff and visitor identification. As well as the physical advantages of identifying people with a visible badge, wearing an ID card or pass also helps imbue a sense of unity and signals to external parties that people are invested in protecting their community.

"Although visitor/staff ID was just one small element of the topics covered in Charlie's presentation, it is a very easy, cost effective one to put in place. Whether you prefer a branded paper system or a visitor touchscreen, we have a range of options for every budget," commented James Osmond, SG World Visitor Management Sales Manager. "The seminar certainly gave the conference delegates plenty of food for thought and we're happy to be part of the school safety conversation."

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