What sort of features does permit to work software have?

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Permit to work software is a digital solution that is designed to manage the process of issuing and tracking permits to work in hazardous environments. Permit to work software helps you streamline the process of managing permits and reduce the risk of accidents and incidents in the workplace. Some of the common features of electronic permit to work software include:

Customisable permit types: The software allows you to create different types of permits to suit your organization's needs, such as hot work permits, confined space permits, or working at heights permits.

Permit request and approval workflows: The software allows you to set up workflows for requesting and approving permits, including notifications and reminders for all involved parties.

Hazard identification and risk assessment: The software can include tools for identifying and assessing hazards associated with the work, including risk matrices and checklists.

Permit issue and tracking: The software can automatically generate permits with all the necessary information, including the work to be done, location, date and time, and any special requirements or restrictions. The software can also track the status of permits, including when they have been issued, and when they are due to expire.

Mobile accessibility: Many electronic permit to work software solutions can be accessed through mobile devices, allowing workers to access and manage permits from the field.

Integration with other systems: Electronic permit to work software can integrate with other systems, such as maintenance management software, to provide a seamless workflow for managing work permits.

Reporting and analytics: The software can provide insights into permit activity, including the number of permits issued, the most common types of permits, and the average time taken to issue a permit. This can help managers to identify areas for improvement and optimize their permit management process.

Overall, electronic permit to work software provides a comprehensive solution for managing the permit to work process, improving efficiency, accuracy, and safety in the workplace.

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