The consequences of failing to check out contractor documentation


Contracting out a job does not mean contracting out your health and safety responsibilities. If an accident happens on your premises you have a basic duty to check that contractor is capable, well-informed, monitored and working in safe conditions. 

For example, this month a carpet warehouse owner was fined £96K after an employee of a roofing contractor fell approximately 30 feet through a glass skylight resulting in severe life changing injuries. An investigation by the HSE found that the company failed to undertake due diligence checks on the roofing contractor’s documents and ensure a construction phase plan was prepared prior to work commencing.

SG World's 5D contractor and permit to work software includes a contractor database helping companies perform due diligence in selecting and monitoring their contractors. It effectively gives you a central library where you can access information on specific jobs and contractors including any supporting documentation such as method statements and training certificates. Furthermore, issues with any documentation can be flagged in the system and diarised for updates.  

Russell Barnard, SG World Product Manager said: “It’s a real concern for businesses that you could have the very best health and safety measures in place for their own workforce and be left completely vulnerable to the actions of a contractor. If an accident occurs it’s your reputation on the line and the HSE will investigate the way the contractor was being managed."

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