Abigail Thorley & Vicki Kitchen Win Employee of the Month - June 2019!

Congratulations Abi Thorley and Vicki Kitchen, our latest winners of Employee of the Month for June 2019!

Abi Thorley (left) and Vicki Kitchen (right) Joint Employee of the Month June 2019 | SG World Crewe

Abi (PA to Operations Director) has been a member of the SG World family for 8 years, whilst Vicki (PA to CEO) has amassed 10 years service with us. In that time, Abi and Vicki’s achievements have spoken for themselves.

To begin their list of achievements, Abi and Vicki are our first winners of Employee of the Month to win the award TWICE! Abi first won back in April 2017 and Vicki in October 2017; showing just how highly regarded they are by the colleagues who voted for them and for the difference that they make to the organisation.

Voted for back in 2017 for their expertise, professionalism and calm and helpful demeanours, this time Abi and Vicki were nominated thanks to the amazing job that they did in organising SG World’s 50th Birthday Celebrations. By far the biggest (and, we’re told, best) event that SG World has ever held, Abi and Vicki worked hard to bring Mark Haase’s (CEO) dream of holding a 50th birthday bash to life.

Just like the first landings on the moon, which also reached it’s 50th anniversary this year, Abi and Vicki will insist that they had help in organising the celebrations. However we also know that anyone who did help them will be delighted that they’ve won. Also like the moon landings, despite Abi and Vicki not being at the forefront of the event, they were the ones who turned the event from a dream to a reality – ensuring that everything ran perfectly and that the event was truly special.

Just some amazing highlights from the event include a beautifully decorated marquee erected on the grounds of SG World, garden games for the kids (and grown ups!) a hog roast, ice cream van and live band! Oh, and the poshest porta-loos that we’ve ever seen.

An SG World colleague who attended the event said: ‘The attention to detail that went into the event was incredible – we were greeted on a blue carpet like a real SG World VIP and the marquee looked stunning. We were spoilt with some free drinks, which was brilliant, but accompanied by the hog roast and a Mr Whippy for afters made it perfect! The garden games were great fun – there was even an X-box minibus! When the sun started to go down, the live band got people on the dancefloor. It was an amazing evening.”

So congratulations Abi and Vicki, our very well deserving winners of Employee of the Month – thank you for an awesome 50th Birthday Party, it was an amazing day and one to be remembered!

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