Academies Financial Handbook Effective From 1st September 2013

Richard Nichols, SG World Head of Sales said: “We want to talk to heads and business managers who have read the Academies Financial Handbook and are looking for better ways of tackling the school inventory.Converting to an academy can put a lot of pressure on schools who possibly haven’t given a lot of thought to asset management before.

SG World has the solution and the support in place to help fledgling academies quickly and painlessly get on top of asset management and make the right financial decisions for their future.”

As we enter the Christmas countdown, SG World will be bringing a festive theme to stand 212 by tying the software demonstration into a Christmas Stocking Challenge. The AudIT team will be challenging stand visitors to match the mystery presents to the right Christmas stocking, using AudIT inventory software to confirm if the present is in the correct stocking. “We wanted a fun, accessible way to introduce people to the power of AudIT,” Richard Nichols said. “There’s plenty of seasonal chocolate gifts for the winners and a runners up prize for anyone who gives it a whirl.”

The new 2013 Academies Financial Handbook, effective from 1 September 2013, is essential reading for converting schools, describing the financial management and control requirements for academy trusts. Asset management continues to be covered within the publication, challenging academies to include the management and oversight of assets as part of an internal control framework. The guidance prioritises value for money making effective asset management a key tool in making sure your budget is used for providing pupils with an excellent education and not wasted on duplicating resources.

SG World will also be demonstrating VisIT ED, SG World’s best-selling electronic visitor management product for schools, colleges and universities. Available with a touchscreen or desktop-based software, VisIT ED provides schools with the flexibility to manage their reception area in the way that is best for their environment.

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