SG World on TV – Inside Gatwick

Appearing in Episode 3 – Baggage, our hi-vis inspection status wallet is clearly in shot as the engineering team are under pressure to fix a faulty baggage belt, whilst using an electric boom to access the equipment.

SG World Inspections  on TVSG World’s Safe-INSPECT inspection systems are routinely used in the pre-maintenance checks of manual handling equipment including MEWPS and forklifts. Through extensive work across a section of key industries, each product in the range is tailored to include detailed checklists that support each individual machine and the applicable health and safety regulations. The cheque book pad format enables the operator to work through the duplicate checklist. The top copy of the checklist is displayed on the equipment to indicate its safety. The duplicate copy remains fast in the pad as evidence that the inspection has taken place in the event of an HSE investigation. Once the inspection is complete, the Pass/Fail inspection certificate on the reverse of the top copy can be placed inside a hi-vis safety status indicator ensuring that every employee can clearly see whether the equipment is safe for use.

“We provide inspection solutions to a number of airports across the UK.” said Richard Nichols, SG World Head of Sales, “The Inside Gatwick documentary really highlights the huge impact of any equipment downtime at a busy airport. When  you have to keep thousands of passengers on the move, your maintenance teams need safety systems that are quick and simple to use.”

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