In the News: Second Impact Syndrome (SiS)

In the run up to Christmas, Second Impact Syndrome (SiS) hit the news with the tragic death of a young rugby player during a school match. SiS occurs when a person with symptoms related to concussion suffers a second head injury.

It may occur days or weeks after the initial concussion and although the second injury may be relatively minor, it can lead to collapse and death.Most cases of second impact syndrome have been reported in young sports people and whilst it is important for schools to be aware of the condition, it is still an extremely rare occurrence with only one reported case in the UK. The odd bump and scrape are par for the course on the school sports field but with a few sensible precautions schools can confidently handle common injuries and continue to reap the benefits of an active sports curriculum.  It is however good practice to have a reliable, appropriate routine in place that allows staff to record that an injury has taken place with timings, details and any treatment given.

“It’s also essential that this information is communicated to parents or guardians in a timely manner so they are aware of any injuries such as a minor concussion. For example, if the child is a member of an external sports club, parents can pass the information on.” said Russell Barnard, SG World Product Manager.

“ SG World’s Incident Reporting system works hand in hand with the school Accident Book. It gives staff a simple and clear procedure for recording incidents and accidents and keeping parents informed, protecting and supporting staff and pupils alike.”

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