Asset Theft: Can any School Afford Asset Misappropriation?

Fraud costs education and public sector organisations billions each year in the UK. In 2014 the average value of detected fraud cases in UK schools was £11.3K and this is part of a rising trend.

Asset misappropriation dominoes falling

If you are relying on spreadsheets to give you a real-time account of what IT and asset inventory you have, it’s tricky and very time-consuming to stay on top of where everything is, or pinpointing and detecting accountability should things go missing. Prevention is your first line of defence, and in these days of flat cash and rising costs, no school or MAT can afford valuable resources going missing. Apart from the direct financial impact of lost funds, asset misappropriation fraud can also impact on staff morale and reputation as sometimes the finger of blame hangs over all.

AudIT, SG World’s School Asset Management and services are tailor made for the education sector and used extensively by UK schools to prevent asset misappropriation using the very latest cloud and smartphone technology. This is just one aspect of effective asset management, with AudIT you quickly get a big picture overview of your resources so you can make informed investment decisions and deploy school funding where it’s needed.

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