Pete Hassall - Employee of the Month May 2017

Do any of us start the day and think I must try and live each of our company values - do the right thing, do it the right way, be the best you can be and  be fresh?  Possibly not, but SG World employees will naturally exhibit these values without thinking about it. Peter Hassall SG WorldMaybe one, maybe two, maybe on a good day all four. This month's winner, Peter Hassall, has been recognised for  "living our values because they are inbuilt in him, they are part of his character."

Pete Hassall is a Service Tech Engineer, he goes out and sees our customers face to face every day, making a great first impression with our new customers and changing the opinion of our existing customers that maybe experiencing problems. He is knowledgeable, calm, patient and hardworking and the customers see this in him every time he’s on site.

He does this day in day out but the reason he has numerous nominations this month was because of the work he did installing and supporting ElectIT, our vote count management software, for Manchester City Council during the May elections.

Working into the early hours, Pete was "a one man army," covering off every single detail to ensure the count was a success. He was a credit to us all because doing the right thing matters to him. Congratulations to our new Employee of the Month - Pete "it's never too much" Hassall!

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