General Election 2017: Every Vote Counts

Well that was a close one with some constituency results hanging on the slimmest of majorities.Election Letter box SG World Vote Counting SystemsStephen Gethins’s victory in North East Fife was secured with one of the smallest majorities in UK electoral history. The SNP’s Europe spokesman won with 13,743 votes – just two more than Lib Dem candidate Elizabeth Riches. Closer to home, Crewe and Nantwich brought in Labour’s Laura Smith by just 48 votes. At the time of writing, the vote count in Kensington has been suspended until this evening after counting staff became “visibly tired” when a third recount was called for the closely fought seat.

It’s in situations like this where councils need to have complete confidence in the vote count, especially if count personnel are allowed to disperse and return to the count venue. ElectIT is a software based solution from SG World, designed to help councils easily manage and identify attendees for the post-election vote count. Last night ElectIT was in play in town halls and sports halls across the UK, helping councils maintain the integrity of the count result. The 2017 General Election has been a very close call and no one wants to find themselves in the invidious position of having a vote count called into question due to attendee irregularities.

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