Heads Up for 2014 Ladder Exchange Scheme

It’s estimated that over two million ladders are in daily use in the UK, and with falls from height still one of the main causes of death and injury in the workplace, it’s vital that these ladders and stepladders are regularly inspected and safe to use.

Using A Ladder Dangerously - SG World Ladder Inspections

The annual Ladder Exchange, now run and managed by the Ladder Association, returns for another year from 1 September – 31 December 2014 and is your opportunity to exchange any dodgy, bent and broken ladders for safe, brand new ones.
However even the shiniest new ladder is only as safe as the person using it, as perfectly illustrated in the campaign’s associated Idiots on Ladders contest which is always worth a look at https://ladderassociation.org.uk/ladder-exchange/idiots-ladders-competition-2015/. Additionally even the shiniest ladder needs to be checked regularly which is where SG World can help with their dedicated set of inspection tools for ladders. The Ladder Inspection Checklist is a simple duplicate checklist in a pad which the user can work through and check the safety of each ladder component in turn looking for damage such as corrosion, dents, hard edges, loose rails etc. Once they have inspected the ladder and established it is safe for use, the top copy of the checklist is torn from the book and its convenient red light-green light reverse safety indication is displayed in a hi-vis inspection status indicator. The bottom copy remains in the pad providing a full, dated record of inspection checks for internal and external auditing purposes.

For more information please visit the Ladder Association website: https://ladderassociation.org.uk/

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