Jeanette Hopkins Wins Employee of the Month November 2018!

Congratulations to Jeanette Hopkins, The Printing House Office Administrator, who has won Employee of the Month for November 2018!

Jeanette Hopkins | SG World | The Printing House

Jeanette joined The Printing House in 2002, quickly becoming an integral part of the company thanks to her patient, calm and helpful work ethic. Over time, Jeanette’s wisdom of the TPH business and her customer’s work meant that she became just as well known for her skill set as for her lovely demeanour.

When The Printing House joined the SG World group of companies in March 2018, her new colleagues were only too happy to welcome Jeanette to the family; SG World had being a customer of The Printing House previously and had lots of dealings with Jeanette, so they knew how great she was to work with. These days, Jeanette is a well known and respected member of the wider TPH and SG World family.

Described during her nomination as ‘swan like’, Jeanette is calm, graceful and serene on the surface – whilst her work, graft and endeavour pushes her onwards!

As well as these qualities, Jeanette was nominated for some great work that she did in November. She gave up lots of her time to help many of her colleagues understand how Tharstern – TPH’s estimating software – works. She answered lots of questions with patience and clarity, which was appreciated by all and has helped her colleagues and the business a great deal.

Congratulations Jeanette – you deserve it!

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