Gill Meadows & Dot Munro win Employee of the Month for December 2018!

Congratulations Dot Munro and Gill Meadows, SG World Receptionists, who have won Employee of the Month for December 2018!

Gill Meadows (left) & Dot Munro (right) - SG World

Dot and Gill manage SG World’s front house reception area, welcoming visitors and directing incoming calls at Head Office. Dot has been a member of the SG World family for 12 years, whilst Gill joined the company more recently in March 2018.

Over time, Dot has become widely regarded as not just one of the friendly faces of SG World who creates an amazing first impression, but as agony aunt, friend and confidante to those who work here. She is appreciated not just as a colleague but like a family member to many of the SG World team.

Gill is one of our more recent recruits, however she is highly regarded for her warm, friendly and professional nature. Not only that, Gill goes above and beyond during special occasions, managing seasonal décor in Reception for Halloween and Christmas – something outside her job description but which brings fun, excitement and smiles to her colleagues’ days.

As we all know, a good first impression is crucial to any organisation and it’s rare to find people who do that so well. However, SG World are lucky enough to have not just one, but two, people who do that fantastically well.

Dot is well known by her friends here for her love of a cheeky beverage at the weekend and we wouldn’t have her any other way! Gill is admired for her funky work wardrobe and tales of her travels around the world before joining the company. We can’t wait to hear more of her stories as time goes by!

Congratulations Dot and Gill – you really deserve it!

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