Lisa Robinson Wins Employee of the Month for May 2019!

Congratulations Lisa Robinson, Manager of Campaigns & Collateral, our latest winner of Employee of the Month for May 2019!

Lisa has been a member of the SG World team for 8 years and, in that time, has helped evolve the materials that support and promote the SG World brand.

Lisa Robinson - SG World Crewe

Being Manager of Campaigns & Collateral means that Lisa looks after all of SG World’s advertising and promotional campaigns, as well as leading the way with their brochures, flyers and leaflets. Lisa’s work plays a fundamental role in how the outside world perceives SG World, their products and services – no mean feat, even for the most experienced Marketing professional.

Despite Lisa’s day-to-day job itself being a challenge, she recently rose to the mission of an even more complex task; creating a brand new website for SG World’s new visitor management solution, 5D Visitor – without any prior experience of website development. Despite the enormity of the task, Lisa created a website that looked seriously professional. Not only that, but it was extremely user friendly, great for SEO and showcased 5D Visitor in a way that did the product proud. She also delivered the end result within a short time frame – not bad for a lady with lots of other conflicting priorities.

Over the years, Lisa has become a go-to member of SG World’s Marketing department. She’s always happy to mentor her colleagues and give them, as well as any other department, all the advice, support and guidance that they could need. She does this not because she has to, but simply because she wants to help.

A little bird tells us that Lisa, along with husband Pete, loves venturing off on holidays abroad when she can, but that she’s always eager to get back home to her bundles of fluff, Gus and Livia the cats. She also enjoys making her own sloe gin; we think she should open up a gin bar and invite her colleagues to sample her gin delights!

Congratulations, Lisa – you deserve it!

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