Cloud based Visitor Management System – a lot of silver lining!

Boom-CloudIn a nutshell a cloud-based Visitor Management platform will run over the internet just like updating your Facebook status or doing some online banking. Cloud-based computing has many advantages which is why it’s estimated that 90% of UK businesses will be using at least one cloud service. 

Cloud-based data in case of emergencies

Being able to manage an emergency evacuation is a key requirement of any visitor management system. A cloud-based platform means you can access your visitor data from any web-enabled device or, in many cases, a smartphone app. Not only can you perform an accurate roll call at an external muster point, you know your data is safe as part of a business disaster recovery plan.

Less Strain on Your IT Department

For smaller businesses you might not have a large IT resource and so technical support for visitor management software is unlikely to be a priority. A web-based visitor management app means it’s easy to trial and deploy the software without needing IT support; and you have an external team of experts on hand for any issues or advice.

The Full Package     

A cloud-based SaaS pricing model will usually include software support and future software version upgrades without the added cost or hosting space. You simply enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cash flow without committing to a long term contract.


A cloud-based visitor management platform offers great connectivity. SaaS developers working in a Cloud API (Application Programming Interface) environment can integrate other applications into your visitor management software.  For example, if you are a school you can seamlessly connect with SIMS and other popular MIS applications.

Keeping Up to Date and Secure

Because you will be accessing your visitor management software over an internet connection your software providers will ensure that you are always using the latest version incorporating the latest data security features. For example, a visitor management platform hosted using Microsoft Azure will benefit from the annual billion dollar investment Microsoft puts into data security. Azure currently has more than 50 cloud computing related security compliance certificates, including ISO 27001 and 27018.


A cloud-based visitor management platform is scalable with your business; the SaaS model lets you seamlessly move up (or down) to another service band and deploy to any web-enabled device across your site and often your whole business. Any increase in cloud capacity is managed within your service providers remote servers.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Last but not least, choosing a cloud-based visitor management software platform is a small but easy way to reduce your energy consumption. Cloud infrastructure addresses two critical elements of a green IT approach: energy efficiency and resource efficiency. Additionally, responsible IT companies are switching the majority of their data centers onto renewable energy sources. Microsoft’s Azure cloud has been carbon-neutral since 2012 with 50% of its energy coming from wind, solar, and hydro-electric sources.

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