National Apprenticeship Week 2024: Leilani's Story

It's National Apprenticeship Week 2024 SkillsForLife

👇Today's account comes from prodigious accounting talent & 2023 South Cheshire Chamber Apprentice of The Year Finalist, Leilani Evans; one of a growing number of apprentices in the finance team headed by Finance Director Debbie Brandon-Sweeney👇


Hi, I’m Leilani and I am a Trainee Financial Accountant at SG World. I am currently working as an apprentice and have been for nearly two years!

Before I left school, I found there was an immense pressure to choose College & University as an option for further education. If I’m being honest I have no idea why? The two things that have been invaluable to my successes are experience & support from people who have previously been in my position, and they are the two things I wouldn’t have received if I hadn’t gone down the apprenticeship route.

One of the biggest misconceptions I found surrounding apprenticeships are that they are second best to a degree achieved in college/university. I can confirm this is a myth, becoming an apprentice I have been able to complete a professional qualification whilst working, earning money, and gaining practical work experience. At the end of an apprenticeship, I will have a professional qualification that I can take anywhere (without the student debt!)

I have certainly found a great support system within my apprenticeship; my mentor Beth has been vital to all my successes, and I truly wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now without her. Her ability to support me through my apprenticeship journey whilst progressing through her own is something I will always be extremely appreciative of. 

With all that being said – I am also thankful for everyone at SG World who has given their time and patience into opening up opportunities for me that I would never have even considered as realistic at this stage in my career.

And that is why I chose to be an apprentice!😊

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