National Apprenticeship Week: Joash Carter's Story

It's National Apprenticeship Week 2024, and this year's theme is #SkillsForLife

So this week we are sharing the stories of some of our apprentices past and present, their ambitions for the future, and how SG World are helping them make their vision become reality.

👇Today's account is from ★ Joash Carter ★ apprentice and budding Business Development Executive👇


So, let’s start off by introducing myself: I’m Joash, a 17-year-old Sales apprentice at SG World. I started this Journey Over 6 months back, about 1-2 Months after I broke up after my exams. 

Why didn’t I jump straight into a job or go to college like most of my friends and teachers told me to?

The answer is simple: GOALS!

From my perspective, If I’d have gone to college, for example, I would already be 6 months behind where I currently am in my career. What I’ve found in sales is that it’s ALL about the EXPERIENCE, not sitting in a classroom studying how to do it but actually DOING it. Even when I’m afraid I’m going to mess up - and trust me, I’ve messed up already – but I always get back up and push through. I believe, “If you never fail you will never succeed.” This is the motto I live by, and personally I felt that SG World was the place in which I felt like I could do this in a safe, stable environment while still enabling me to get valued experience within a cooperative sales environment. 

The BIGGEST problem I have faced moving straight from school into this environment was the behavioural shift, still 6 months down the line its where I fall short the most. Saying that, from where I was to where I am now, I have developed significantly. 

I do want to touch on one thing before I get into my goals and how I’m going to get there, and that’s my mentor Patrick Ashe.

Patrick has been a crucial part of my journey here at SG World, from the times where I’ve been angry, and sad, to the amazing training, and even when he brought me my first sales book. He’s has been there EVERY step of the way so far and I hope to keep it that way because he is the only reason why before my 2 Month mark, I managed to get my first 2k Deal and now 6 months in being able to hit my first HUGE milestone of 50K. That said, there have been other people on my way here that have been extremely helpful such as Scott Hampton, Alex Gradon the BDM’s here at SG World, Mark Hasse the CEO here and I want to thank him for giving me this opportunity to grow and learn from this company. 


Onto my goals, so you may think this is unreasonable, but I don’t think so… My goal is to hit 1 million in sales – or in my bank account - by the time I reach 25 years old. 

Which is why I need to surround myself with the right environment to succeed, have the right training and right people. All of which I have done so far. SG World is the first step onto achieving this goal and I’m not saying it will come easy, but I believe IT WILL HAPPEN. 

From now, to achieve this Goal, dream whatever you want to call it. I need to get my head down, Train, work hard, and succeed and take the necessary steps to make my dreams a reality, however, I need to do this efficiently and successfully using external resources from my apprenticeship course, as well as the S.P.I.N methodology Patrick teaches me. 


This is why I’m an Apprentice at SGWORLD.

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