Nifco Case Study: Making an Unmanned Reception Work for You

Some of us may prefer to be greeted by a ‘real person’ when walking through the doors of an organisation but this isn’t always practical. Many companies, like Nifco UK - a manufacturer of plastic automotive components - operate an unmanned reception and the effectiveness of this is all down to the processes and systems implemented by the organisation.

Over recent years Nifco UK Ltd has gone from strength to strength but, 12 years ago when the business was on the brink of failure, it was in the process of making strategic changes which would lead to it becoming one of the UK automotive industry’s biggest success stories – one of these changes was the introduction of an electronic visitor management system.

Nifco HQ | Visitor Management Software Solutions | SG World Crewe

Malcolm Mayes, systems engineer at Nifco and responsible for site health & safety, managed the introduction of SG World’s VisIT 2 visitor touchscreen across the business' premises.

Malcolm explained: “It all started at our old site in Yarm Road -  we had two receptionists and a manual visitor pass system - now we have neither. When the business was experiencing its most difficult times, just before the credit crunch, there was an opportunity to make financial savings by moving to an electronic visitor system.

Nifco HQ | SG World Visitor Management Software Solutions

"Managing security and health & safety can be challenging with a manual system - maintaining control and being able to demonstrate that control was difficult. When the business moved to new premises in Stockton-on-Tees, it was the ideal time to make changes to our visitor procedures and we started talking to SG World.

"SG World suggested the system that we use today, VisIT 2 – an electronic, web-based system which records visitors, either in advance or at the time of visit. We went ahead with the recommendation and the majority of Nifco UK visitors find it simple and straight-forward.”

Around the time of installation, one of Nifco UK’s customers requested that supply chain companies implement a photo-ID controlled system – offering this function, VisIT 2 ensured that Nifco was quick to comply with this request.

Jason Allison, SG World Customer Insight Specialist, commented: “I’ve visited hundreds of company receptions and it can be difficult to get an unmanned reception area to work well. Malcolm and his team have cracked it. The whole set up, including VisIT2, delivers on visitor experience without compromising contractor control or site safety.”

VisIT 2’s user friendly, graphics-rich touchscreen, and visitor pre-booking feature make it perfect for an unmanned reception area. The check-in interface is extremely simple to follow, letting visitors print their own dated ID pass with photo. Visitors also get an audible confirmation of check-in and check-out as they enter and leave the building.

Erika Marshall, Marketing and Communications Manager, likes how the SG World solution has given continuity to the Nifco brand as visitors walk through the doors: "The system works with a touchscreen monitor, which means I can create branded wallpaper and screen saves which convey information about Nifco UK to enhance the visitor experience.

"This can be changed and updated within a few minutes and it really pulls together the professionalism of our site, the sophisticated visitor system we are using and the welcome visitors recieve when they arrive on site."

From initial implementation of the system in 2014, Nifco UK has expanded and opened a second factory - on the same site, which is also equipped with VisIT2 by means of a second touchscreen and scanner, synchronised with the original system in factory one. This allows the business to log visitors on and off site across the two facilities via different entrance points.

Malcolm concluded: The actual administration of the system is incredibly user-friendly - we can check at any time to see who is on-site and, if needed, we can manually book people out. We know the system is extremely precise and we have our fire register from VisIT 2 linked to our e-mail and mobile phone system so accurate records are available to ensure the safety of visitors in the event of emergency situations. In addition, the support we have recieved from SG World has added to what was already a very competitive solution; I would highly recommend the system.“

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