Rhys' Work Experience Blog

As part of SG World's mission of 'helping you make a difference', we regularly welcome interns and work experience students from the local area, country and Europe! This summer we welcomed Rhys Pountain, who is in year 10 and is interested in a digital marketing career. Here is his work experience blog...

'My name is Rhys Pountain and I am 15 years of age. I've spent the past week here at SG World for my work experience, so that I can get a good insight to what it is like to work in a business environment.

'The reason I chose SG World for my work experience is because it’s a local company and I knew my days would be packed full with different activities and things to do. I haven’t stayed in one role for the whole week; I've been able to shadow lots of different roles within various departments. These ranged from Marketing, where I watched how brochures and catalogues are designed; to Customer Service, where I watched how the team deal with customers; to seeing the final designs brought to life in the Factory, and many more.

Rhys SG World MarketingSeeing how brochures are designed in Marketing

'The facilities here at SG World head office are outstanding. For example the lunch area is great because It has different rooms and they are all spotless. There is one TV room, a pool and table tennis room, a quiet room and a canteen/refectory area. Everyone here is very talkative at lunchtime which I think makes you feel welcome.Rhys with Marketing & Design SG World

Designing a Visitor's Book & Fire Register with Composition

'My favourite part of the week would probably be when I designed a ‘Visitor’s Book & Fire Register’, with the Composition department. I chose all the colours and designed the Register how I wanted. I also enjoyed sitting in the Marketing department, watching how major accounts are taken care of and how brochures are created.

Rhys with IT SG World

Spending time with IT

'Finally I thought I would give Mark Tooth (Senior Technical Team Lead) a mention for organising my work experience week, so that I could enjoy it as much as possible. Similarly, thanks to all the staff for making it such an interesting and great week.  Maybe I'll see you (the SG World Team) in the future!'

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