SG World Launches New Competition for Schools

SG World provides 1 in 3 UK schools with visitor management solutions so we imagine our ID passes have been used to welcome all sorts of weird and wonderful people into schools. But what if you could invite your dream visitor? We mean anyone at all, past or present, real or fictional. Would it be Henry VIII, One Direction or Spongebob Squarepants?

We're asking schools just that question in our new Dream Visitor Competition

Dream Visitor Competition | SG World Crewe

We'd like to know who they would like to see, why, what special question they would ask and maybe even draw us a little picture. Every term we will pick our favourite who will win £100 worth of book vouchers for their school.

“The competition is a take on the old question – who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party,” said Lisa Robinson, SG World Marketing Manager. “We’re looking forward to seeing what the kids have got to say and will no doubt be surprised at what they come up with.”

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