SG World Launch New ‘Multi-Pass’ Feature | Visitor Management Software

VisIT ED, a leading electronic school visitor management system for managing people on a school site is now even more powerful with the launch of a new “multi-pass” feature. In addition to pre-booking guests, signing in visitors, printing visitor badges and managing staff arrival and departure, schools can now use VisIT ED to manage their pupil’s authorised absence or register late arrivals and print passes on a single type of paper slip.

“Multi-pass is the next step to a unified reception solution for schools,” Russell Barnard, Product Manager for SG World said. “Previously, and with other systems, you needed to change the type of paper you print on depending on what you were going to print. Now, it’s just a single slip that works for everything.”

There’s no more need to change the paper type or have multiple printer trays – the multi-pass now does it all. Customers purchasing VisIT ED will be able to print on a slip with a universal design that includes their school name and logo. Customisable fields on the pass mean that important information can change depending on the need – parents of late arriving pupils can be informed of their duties to ensure their child arrives on time, visitors can see safeguarding and health and safety information as per the Health and Safety at Work Act and students on an authorised absence have a record of the school’s approval for being out of the classroom.

Multi-pass for VisIT ED is available for no extra charge for either software or printable slips.

VisIT ED combines visitor identification and appointments, staff booking-in, pupil management and important safeguarding information into one simple-to-use software program. VisIT ED was designed as a low cost dedicated solution for schools that incorporates the features and ease of use they require. Available with an optional touchscreen for a professional welcome and a streamlined reception area, VisIT ED is one of SG World’s most popular products for schools and can be found in schools across the country.

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