SG World - Playing the Long Game

Once again SG World is celebrating its people’s drive and commitment with its Long Service Awards. It’s a longstanding tradition that the factory floor temporarily falls silent and the company comes together to recognise and applaud the contributions of long serving employees. This month seven individuals took to the presentation podium, jointly clocking up an impressive 65 years of service and experience.

This month’s awardees came from both ends of the spectrum with relative newbies Lisa Robinson, Abigail Thorley, Hilary Bateman, Gillian Jones and Adam Hardcastle celebrating their 5 year anniversary, whereas SG World veterans Lisa Pountain and Carol Davies reached their 20 year milestone. Adam Hardcastle spoke for everybody in thanking all the staff present, adding that it was a pleasure and privilege to work with such great people.

Lisa Pountain, Gillian Jones, Carol Davies, Abigail Thorley, Adam Hardcastle, Hilary Bateman, Lisa Robinson | SG World Crewe

Lisa Pountain and Gillian Jones (Customer Service), Carol Davies (Finance), Abigail Thorley (Sales & Marketing), Adam Hardcastle (Special Projects), Hilary Bateman (Personnel), Lisa Robinson (Marketing)  

SG World already has an enviable record when it comes to staff retention. Over twenty-five percent of SG World employees have over twenty years of service under their belts and the company has cracked a thousand year milestone by achieving a combined 1242 years total service. Employment statistics like these helped SG World pick up a “One to Watch” award in the 2016 Best Companies ‘b-heard’ survey; the UK’s biggest employment engagement survey.

“It’s a great workplace tradition and I always enjoy these gatherings,” said Mark Haase, SG World CEO. “It’s a chance for us all to step back and say a big thank you to the individuals who make up the backbone of SG World.”


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