Tough Mudder – the Aftermath

Congratulations to everyone at SG World and Banks Sheridan who completed the Tough Mudder on Sunday and lived to tell the tale. Participants raised over £500 for the Arnold Haase Charitable Trust, a charitable initiative set up to help those within the Cheshire community. If you want to see what 12 miles of mud caked, physical endurance and team camaraderie look like, the photos are now available to view on Facebook.

SG World taking part in Tough Mudder | SG World CreweMark Haase, SG World CEO and fellow participant said "I have to say I am overwhelmingly grateful to everyone for taking part with such enthusiasm and good humour in what was a very tough and challenging day. There were such a number of highlights but every person played their part and we managed to do what we set out to……start together, finish together, never quit and raise money for the charity." Our plucky participants might feel like they've been run over by a bus but on the bright side, mud is very good for the skin.

If you would like to support your friends and colleagues and raise money for the Arnold Haase Charitable Trust, visit the crowd funding page and to see our tough mudder album click here

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