Why Contractors in the North have the Feel Good Factor

New research into umbrella company employees indicates that almost 94% of Northern-based contractors feel optimistic about their career futures, a report by accountancy and business advisory firm BDO reveals.

In the report, 93.8% of contractors working for umbrella companies in Yorkshire and the Humber said that they felt upbeat about their career prospects and that they would push for a rise in their rates upon contract renewal. This is compared to a national average of an impressive 89.2%.

The confident Yorkshire and the Humber workers felt more confident than their other regional counterparts, including London and the South East.

Many factors could be contributing to this rise in optimism in the North, including investments into having a highly skilled workforce by Northern businesses, increased job competition in capital regions like London due to being more ‘talent rich’, and the steady decline in the economic recession bolstering confidence for contractors and businesses alike.
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