Health & Safety Processes to Impress the Insurers

It’s nice when the annual insurance review passes without hitch. It’s even nicer when you get some really positive feedback on new safety measures. Business insurers, Thomas Carroll, were quick to praise Eurobond’s recent implementation of SG World’s Health & Safety solutions. 

Established in 1981, Eurobond Laminates has been at the forefront of composite panel design and manufacture for over 30 years with their reputation built on quality and expertise. Investing heavily in development, testing and manufacturing technology, Eurobond consistently produce high quality products to exacting tolerances, incorporating glazing and architectural features.
Craig Cheshire is the Engineering Manager at Eurobond heading a team of 3 people. Together they are responsible for the uptime of production at the site in Cardiff. Craig is responsible for site Health & Safety and drives the team forward with any new systems or initiatives.
“We’ve always been quite active with Health & Safety and part of this development was a new Health & Safety committee. Our role is to drive forward initiatives such as introducing a permits-to-work system and improving forklift safety, which have been implemented perfectly.”
Craig and the team were aware of several potentially high-risk issues such as contractors turning up, doing a job then leaving before Eurobond staff were notified and also unsafe acts such as climbing on racking.
“We created our own in-house system initially but it was too complicated and, at 11 pages long, it never got used. “
“With an idea of what issues we needed to overcome around 12 months ago, I Googled ‘Permit to Work system’ and found SG World. I had an idea of the solution I wanted and arranged a meeting with the local SG World Representative.

Contractor Pass - SG World
Following an on-site demonstration of a few of the SG World systems, in-depth advice and discussions about what other SG World clients had experienced, and the solutions they implemented, we decided to go ahead. We worked closely with the SG World representative and customised the solution with the intricate elements most relevant to us and created our own ‘Utopia contractor system’.”
The solution has been successfully proofed, delivered and installed and is now operating very efficiently. The external contractors are all on-board with it. We have signed confirmation that the site rules and procedures have been read and understood, as well as a formal record of what time contractors are leaving the site.
“All previous issues that we were having prior to working with SG World have now gone.”
Since working with SG World, Eurobond now use a range of SG World solutions including permits to work, contractor pass system, forklift pre-inspections, forklift accident reporting, dynamic risk assessments and near-miss reporting.
“The FLT inspection system was a very quick win for us. The instant visibility of safety check Pass or Fail status prominently displayed in the hi-vis status wallet got total buy-in from the shop floor.”

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