SG World's Digital Inspection System in US Roll Out

SG World’s digital inspection system is currently being rolled out for a new application on behalf of a US client in the aviation sector.

The InspectIT product, which was officially launched to the health and safety market earlier this year, is being phased into operations for a US client to provide mission critical operational data and ensure safety and maintenance regulatory compliance.

The system, which is a digital pen equipped with intelligent character recognition (ICR) and database technology, is currently being used by aircraft ground service crews to monitor vehicles and equipment in Orlando and California; roll out to 40 additional locations in the US is due to take place later this year.

SG World, which is based in Crewe, Cheshire, is also in talks with other US clients in the logistics and aviation sector to monitor a wide variety of issues including people performance management.

InspectIT enables companies and organisations to perform monitoring activity in the same way as paper based processes but with a data capture facility that can pool information across multiple sites, identifying key trends and delivering valuable intelligence.

The digital pen writes with ink allowing the user to complete a paper based inspection report and information is also downloaded to a web based portal via the pen’s USB docking station.

The system can be set up remotely, uses a standard operating platform and is ideal for repetitive data capture. It can be used in challenging environments, such as extreme cold and does not require changes to clients’ existing data collection processes.

Mark Haase, Director of SG World which delivers compliance solutions for more than 20,000 customers in the UK, Europe, Ireland and the US, explained: “The digital pen uses proven technology in a completely new way.

“As a product, it offers data capture and intelligence gathering using the checklists and safety parameters recommended by the A4A including exception reporting - identifying activity outside standard tolerances and reporting this information to relevant personnel within a matter of seconds.

“So for one client it delivers mission critical, real time information for people working in the aviation sector, and in another case it can be used to help monitor people management processes. As a standard configuration it can be easily adapted to each client’s requirements without the upfront and on-going costs of bespoke development. SG World continues to expand its standard library of digital formats and data form layouts as the pen is adopted for different environments.”

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